Weine nicht um mich
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Happy birthday Tarja Turunen

10 pictures of Tarja Turunen (Ex-Nightwish)





Practice with my new camera. The manual suggested just getting photos of things around you in your home, so I thought a good starting place would be my dresser. There is lots of goodies of all sorts of shapes & sizes to photograph. So here it is! My little dresser.


Your dresser makes me swoon, lady. Love your bits and pieces!

Ao contrário do que parece, os agressivos, os intolerantes e os arrogantes são os mais frágeis no teatro da vida. Eles têm medo de subir no palco, perdoar os outros, se perdoar, chorar, reconhecer suas falhas e limitações. São infelizes.

Augusto Cury.  (via infinita-obsessao)

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